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Jan. 20th, 2008 23:23 LJ - Otherways

[OOM: Greg visits for Christmas, bringing lots of gifts - for Greyden - but he and Alex don't go without. (Adult content warning!)]

Before she arrives )

And into the bar.

She steps off to one side enough to not block the door and drops her stuff. With a sigh she just looks at the bar, hoping she gets it. When her bags and other non-necessary baby things disappear, she nods thanks, then looks for a very comfortable place to sit.

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May. 22nd, 2007 21:41 [info]islandofterror bio info

Character Name: Laura Harper (known as Alexandra Cabot)

Age: 23 July 1974 // 31

Occupation: Laura - private investigator; Alexandra - district attorney, leaning toward making a career as a judge

Journal: [info]svu_ada

PB: Stephanie March

Personality: Strong-willed and passionate, committed, but caring and romantic. She's a kind woman, but getting her hackles up could prove detrimental to your health and your freedom (especially if you're on trial against her).

Family: Laura - husband, Scott, missing since 1992, presumed dead since 1997; parents, David (d.1994) and Janet (d. 1998); brother - younger, Christopher, (d. 1993) - killed in the line of duty in the Middle East. *Her family all dying within such close span puts her under suspicion of killing her husband or having him killed.

Laura also has an older brother that she's never met; he was put up for adoption when he was born because Janet was only 15 at the time. Laura has no idea if he is alive or not.

Alexandra - tells people her parents are dead and that she is an only child.

History: Originally from Miami, Florida, Laura was a private investigator. When her husband went missing in 1992, she nearly lost everything because she devoted all of her time to trying to locate her husband instead of focusing on paying clients. After five years of searching, she broke down. She couldn't stay in Miami; the obsession of continuing to search for Scott was making her crazy, so she sold the house, changed her name, finished the Law degree she had started before she decided to become a P.I., passed the Bar, got some work under her belt and has now worked her way up to Assistant District Attorney and has been assigned to the Manhattan Special Victim's Unit.

* The character of Alexandra Cabot on L&O:SVU is loosely based on Laura Harper's alternate self. Laura is aware of the TV show and the character and doesn't pay either much mind at all.

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